Enjoy the greatest places to eat in London


British Soul Food is for the kind of people who believe that flavours are best left to speak for themselves – no fusion, fuss or frippery in our traditional British menus. Just exceptional ingredients, sourced with care and cooked with passion and skill.

Scoff & Banter are great places to eat in London, where you’ll find the classics on our drinks list, but you’ll also be swayed by our signatures – thirst-quenching, lip-smacking creations that set you up for a hearty British meal.

Inspired by the fresh fruit and flower stalls of the old markets of Britain, there’s a story behind each signature, from the deliciously indulgent ‘Orchard Old Fashioned’ finished with caramelized apples, to the zingy Sloe Gin Fizz or the Hibiscus Blossom – deceptively named, this is not for the faint-hearted.